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These classes are open to everyone, no matter what your fitness background is. They are focused towards all aerialists, but as the classes are based on the yoga mat and do not involve any aerial equipment such as the pole, silk or hoop, anyone is able to attend. You do not have to be ‘flexible’ or ‘strong’ to attend, these classes will have progressions and regressions to suit your body and mind.
In each class, you will be working on a full body conditioning and flexibility workout. The class is mainly focused on dynamic and active movement, standing and inverted balance holds, leading to some static stretches, depending on what focus the class has that week. eg: Front Splits, Hip openers, Box Splits, Shoulder Mobility, Back Bends, Rotations.
In any aerial dance/fitness we require a high level of strength, balance, agility, mind focus and flexibility to carry out the demanding moves that are involved.