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What is Aerial Sling

‘Aerial Sling’ is created by a hammock/loop at the bottom of the fabric and it is rigged to one point, unlike aerial yoga which is rigged at two points.

You perform elegant poses, acrobatic shapes, inverts, drops and beautiful transitions within and around the fabric. You would see aerial sling being performed at the circus and it has similarities to trapeze and aerial silks.


It exercises the whole body and you will work on your:

Core, flexibility, stamina, balance, coordination, strength and dance-like movements as you execute your moves in a sequence - something which sets it apart from the similar Aerial Silks apparatus.

We have 9 rigging points. 6 rigging pints are 4.5 metres high and 3 rigging points are 6metres



Sports Bra (If needed)

Vest top or long sleeved top

Our Courses

We run courses in Aerial Hoop, Trapeze, Aerial Silks, Aerial Sling, Pole Fitness and Pole Exotic.

We have dedicated levels for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced students.

1. OPEN TRAINING SESSIONS- These are extra sessions to your 'normal' instructed pole classes. They are open practice sessions that are held in the studio for all our students to practice what they are learning. No instruction takes place, however, an instructor is always present to oversee the session.


2. VISUAL LEARNING - Tick Sheets and PDF Visual learning aids created by Pole Attack, to monitor your progression.


3. We never have more than 2x people to a piece of equipment, as we do not believe in overbooking our classes.


4. CAN'T MAKE A SESSION? - Makeup sessions are allowed in any of the mid-week evening classes within your term time. If you miss a class for whatever reason, you can make up the missed session within your term time. We allow missed sessions to be transferred over to a new term if the student continues on as a student with us.


5. MULTI-COURSE DISCOUNTS - You receive 32.50 off a second course, which runs alongside your current course. Please ask us for the discount code.


6. MULTI-COURSE DISCOUNTS- By attending multi-courses with us, you receive free stretch and/or conditioning classes.

6.a. If you attend multiple courses per term - you receive eight free stretch and/or conditioning classes per term.

6.b. If you attend three or more courses per term with us - you receive FREE unlimited stretch and conditioning classes with us

Our PAYG Classes

We run one-off classes in Aerial Hoop, Trapeze, Aerial Silks, Aerial Sling, Burlesque, Exotic Pole, Flexibility, Pole Fitness, Pole Silks, Tippy Hoop, Handloop and Foot Loop Hoop, Handloop and Foot Loop Pole, Flying Pole and much more

These classes are mixed-level and open to everyone


Taster Sessions

We run taster sessions for all levels of experience, within our classes. Please look at our booking section for more information.


Beginner Courses and PAYG Classes

You can book our beginner courses and PAYG mixed-level classes online, via the booking tab.


Intermediate and Advanced Courses

If you are a higher-level student and are looking for an Intermediate or Advanced class, please contact Pole Attack with your experience and we will be happy to help you find a suitable class for your ability. Please note, our higher-level classes are not bookable via our booking tab.

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