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Von C


I have been pole dancing since 2014. I have always had a love for music and dancing but was never sporty or athletic had zero upper body strength and very low self-confidence until I discovered pole dancing. I openly admit that pole dancing saved me! At a stage I was too stressed and a slave to my own thoughts and that was making my life miserable but then I discovered pole and like a magic bandaid it made me feel so happy and alive.
> I built up strength and so much confidence (bucket loads full) I competed within a few months even though I was not very good or very strong (yet). I developed a healthy addiction to being on stage as performing gives me such a rush like nothing else and the pole community is so supportive it’s really a home away from home.

I have a few podium finishes under my belt all achieved back home in South Africa but fingers crossed my competitive journey will continue in England soon.

I love to teach it is really my passion so teaching pole is literally a dream job. I have my instructors course through both The Pole Studio and Vertical Vixen (SA), basic first aid training as well as a fitness instructor accreditation.

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