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Spin City Aerial Silks Instructor, Xpert Pole Dance and Trapeze Instructor. Stretch and conditioning qualified.


In my mid 20’s I decided I wanted to go back to gymnastics, something I had done most of my life. However, there were no adult classes that suited what I was looking for. I joined a

Pole Class at Pole Attack in 2013. The class was fun but challenging but the thing I noticed the most was the atmosphere. From the first lesson I was hooked. I competed in my first in house competition in 2015 and loved it so much I did it again the following year.


I then decided to start Silks in 2018 to complement my pole work. Following a complete career change in the pandemic I decided I wanted to share my passion and teach what I love. I qualified as a Silks Instructor in January 2022, followed up with my Pole qualification March 2022 and I finished the trio and qualified in Trapeze in early 2023. 

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