Terms and Conditions

Courses, classes and workshops are paid in full and upfront. Once your place is secured, the deposit is non-refundable or transferable. This includes transferring your place onto another course, class or workshop or giving your place to someone else. You are bound by the terms and conditions of Pole Attack Ltd and Pole Attack Workshops Ltd.


Second Class(Courses Only)
Full price paying students will get the first choice over discount places.

Code of Conduct

          Please do not wear fake tan/moisturising tan to class, especially when your tan is developing as it stains the poles. If you are seen to do so, you will be refused entry into class and not offered a refund.


Please only use a moisturiser that is suitable for us on the pole. Do not apply any other moisturiser before class as this can be dangerous for yourself and other students.


Please remove wax or itac grip from pole and/or floor after use.


No jewellery (stud earrings are fine) or watches of any kind allowed on any of the equipment. The equipment is expensive and delicate. If you are unable to take rings off, please buy a suitable ring protector such a plaster tape and cover your ring/jewellery before class.


We run a NO FOOD policy on any food that contains nuts or food that is made in the same factory that contains nuts. If you are going to bring in food for the class such as biscuits, cakes or birthday treats you must have my permission first and clean it away when you’ve finished.


Please take all your rubbish away with you or place it in the bin that’s provided.


Please arrive no earlier than 10mins before your class


Please arrive on time for class. If you miss the warm-up, we have the right to refuse your entry into the class. We have a duty of care towards all our students that everyone must be prepared for the class and a thorough warm-up is essential. If you are refused entry, Pole Attack does not offer any refunds.


Please tell your teachers if you’re not coming to class. This enables us to offer your space to other students for a makeup session.


Please do not teach anyone, at any time, in class.


We have strict no watch policy (except for private sessions). This means anyone who isn’t taking part in a class cannot watch at any point during class. (Kids classes - this doesn’t apply as parents can watch)


Bringing your children to an adult class is ok if you have permission from your instructor before class. They must sit down and not interfere or distract the class at any point.P


Please read and respect our terms and conditions. We have set rules for everyone, to ensure everyone is treated fairly.


Please note, you are not able to sell your paid space on any workshop, class, course or anything that Pole Attack Ltd and Pole Attack Workshops Ltd are running without permission.


When waiting for your class to start, please keep the sound down so you are not distracting the current class.


If you are taking any pictures or videos of your class members, please gain their permission first.


Please do not go on any of the equipment before you are asked to.


When attending a silks class, no zips, hoodie, fitbits or anything that may rip the silks


Please consider personal hygiene before coming to class.

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Aylesbury Venue: Unit 8b, Pole Attack, Pole Studio, Duck Farm Court, Station Way, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP20 2SQ

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