Beginner Pole Fitness Courses

Our classes combine all the elements of pole fitness and are based around the movement of the vertical pole. You do not have to be a gymnastic to start our classes or be able to lift your own body weight. Our beginner classes will cover the most important fundamentals and safety of each aspect of the pole. During each session, you'll improve your muscular endurance, core strength, coordination, and flexibility.


In all our venues we have a mix of stainless steel poles(for anyone who suffers from nickel allergy), chrome and powder coated. We used the leading provider of poles in the world, X-POLE.

What is included in your course fees?

1. FREE 10 hours of open practices at our Aylesbury studio. Pole practice sessions are extra sessions held at the studio for all our students to practice what they are learning. No instruction takes place, but an instructor is always present to oversee the session.

2. FREE tick Sheets and PDF Visual learning aids created by Pole Attack, to monitor your pole progression.

3. We never have more than 2x people to a pole, as we do not believe in overbooking our classes.

4. FREE make up sessions in any of the evening classes within your term time.

5. You receive 32.50 off a second course, which runs alongside your current course.


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Phone: (+44) 07799424381

Aylesbury Venue: Unit 9b, Pole Attack, Aerial Studio, Duck Farm Court, Station Way, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP20 2SQ

Aylesbury Venue: Unit 8b, Pole Attack, Pole Studio, Duck Farm Court, Station Way, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP20 2SQ

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