Exotic Courses

'Exotic Arco', 'Chair Dance', 'Lap Dance', ‘Stripper’, ‘Exotic Pole Dance’ and ‘Classique’ are different types of movement styles within the pole world. Within our 8 week course, you will learn all or some of the associated styles. You will work on how to build confidence within your own body, throughout all the styles mention. By the end of the course, you will walk away with different structured routines, plus most importantly how to create your own routines at home.


Stripper and Lap Dance

This focuses less on tricks, and more on how to engage with your audience, entertainment within your own dance style, and pure sexuality within your own style whether that be sultry, sensual or hardcore.

This might include: heel clacks, body rolls, eye contact, twerking and removal of clothing



Exotic style is mainly associated with Russian style and is focuses on a high level of tricks which are executed effortlessly. It involves skills on and off the pole, while working on captivating the audience through floor work / low flow, strength work, and sexy transitions.  

This might include: handstand, acrobatics, leg traces and power spins


Classique Style

Classique style is sexy, graceful and focuses on fluidity and flexibility. You will be working on beautiful shapes and seductive movement.

This include: Floorwork, spinny and static pole tricks and beautiful flexibility combos and engaging with the audience


Wednesday Course - Focuses on Lap Dance, Exotic Acro and Exotic Pole


Friday Course - Focuses on Exotic and Classique Pole Dance


What is included in your course fees?

1. FREE 10 hours of open practices at our Aylesbury studio. Pole practice sessions are extra sessions held at the studio for all our students to practice what they are learning. No instruction takes place, but an instructor is always present to oversee the session.

2. FREE tick Sheets and PDF Visual learning aids created by Pole Attack, to monitor your pole progression.

3. We never have more than 2x people to a pole, as we do not believe in overbooking our classes.

4. FREE make up sessions in any of the evening classes within your term time.

5. You receive 32.50 off a second course, which runs alongside your current course.

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Aylesbury Venue: Unit 8b, Pole Attack, Pole Studio, Duck Farm Court, Station Way, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP20 2SQ

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